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ROAV Boxer Sunglasses
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ROAV Boxer Sunglasses

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The eyewear ROAV is a Polarized Folding Sunglasses. The ROAV sunglasses folds up to fit in the skinniest of jeans and the smallest of purses. Find here what ROAV is telling about their fantastic sunglasses :

  • Our patented micro hinges are press-formed into the stainless steel frame; unlike traditional eyewear hinges that are soldered or riveted. Fewer parts to break equals fewer broken glasses.
  • No more sore noses and constant slippage. Our frames are laser cut from ultra-thin stainless steel and weigh less than 20 grams, so you may forget they're even on.
  • Great frames deserve great lenses. With full protection from harmful UVA + UVB rays and glare-cutting polarization in every pair, those eyeballs of yours will be feeling comfy and cared for.
  • A miniature marvel of epic proportions. The most advanced eyewear hinge ever developed is ultra-durable, screw-free, spring loaded, and positively tiny.