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RAV 14000mAh Car Jumper Starter 1000A Peak   Current (UK)-Black
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RAV 14000mAh Car Jumper Starter 1000A Peak Current (UK)-Black

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1000A Works with All 12V Gasoline engines: The peak current of 1000A kick starts all gasoline engines up to 5L and diesel engines up to 3L with a 12V battery, over 20 times on one charge. Please do not leave the car jump starter unused for a long time and only use OEM cables and RAVPower cables which we have already done extensive tests on. Extra-Safe With Built-in Intelligent Protector: The intelligent protector is built in the battery pack while with other brands it is built in the clamps; this protects from fire on the clamps which can cause melting or explosion Massive 14000mAh Capacity With Micro Input: Charge the car jump starter via car charger, wall charger or even another power bank; reload the jumper in just 5.5 hours with the DC5V/2.1A AC charger; charge your iPhone 7 up to 5, the iPad mini 1.5 and the Galaxy S7 3 times Quick Charge 3.0 + iSmart Technology: The Quick Charge 3.0 technology charges your phone that supports quick charge with a 75% faster charging speed and the 2 iSmart USB ports support a maximum current of up to 2.4A each Boost Button & Status Light: If the indicator light is green, you can jump start your car; if it is red, you need to check the connection of the clamps and polarities, and make sure the battery level is over 20%