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Marrath Smart Wi-Fi Body Fat Scale
Marrath Smart Wi-Fi Body Fat Scale
Marrath Smart Wi-Fi Body Fat Scale
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Marrath Smart Wi-Fi Body Fat Scale

ر.ق 199.00
  • ITO cutting edge technology with precision sensors to measure 12 Health parameters including weight
  • Share the APP with all family members and record every one daily health data in the mobile APP
  • Wireless digital scale not only shows body weight, but also syncs data to your APP including Body Fat, Water, Muscle, BMI, BMR, Bone Mass, Protein, and other data.
  • Measure 12 health parameter automatically every time you step on to the scale
  • Stainless steel sheet and Ultra-white strong tempered glass.
  • High precision sensor, weight and fat show synchronously.
  • Lightweight and Large scale surface.
  • High precision load cells, colourful and ultra-thin, 
  • Mode function ( kg/st), Weight and Body Composition Measuring.
  •  Battery-powered for ease of use
  • Auto-connection, auto-recognition, auto ON/OFF, auto-zero, auto-calibration. Built-in smart sensor system, LED screen automatically will be hidden and gone out when not in use.
  • WiFi connection to Marrath Home smart APP. With lots of key body composition measurements available.
  • Smart APP automatically recognizes and stores readings for every day. Easily download APP from Android APP 4.3 and IOS 8.0 or above. 
  • Get historical graphs of the health parameters in your mobile
  • Automatically identify the person and record the health parameter of the family member correctly in the mobile APP
  • Max weight: 180 kg and  Division: 100g
  • Measure:weight,fat,water,muscle,bone,BMI, Calorie,visceral, body age and more
  • Low battery/overload indication alert to mobile APP