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Powerology Single Earphone with Lightning Connector
Powerology Single Earphone with Lightning Connector
  • SKU: POW155ACC00064

Powerology Single Earphone with Lightning Connector

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Do you want to try smooth conversations with your loved ones meanwhile you need to stay conscious of your surroundings? Powerology solved this problem for you. Mono earphones with lightning connector microphones will let you have both in one product.

Simple at the first glance but you will notice its great functionality the first usage. It is compatible with almost every Apple device with a lightning Connector. It is surely and truly Durable, Safe, and one in a kind.

High-Definition Sound
With the Lightning connection, you get audio that is pure and crisp. Powerology mono earphones with lightning connectors will let you notify about the details in your favorite song that you didn’t use to pay attention to. 

MFi Approved Connector
MFi stands for "made for iPhone, iPad, and iPod" and denotes that the product has an authorized lightning connector and is an Apple-licensed item. You can be assured that a product is secure to use if it has MFI certification. Powerology mono earphone with lightning connector will express that it has Apple's official stamp of approval and will work perfectly with an Apple device including iPhone 14.

Control it in Your Way
Generally, there are two main ways of controlling, Siri and active in-line buttons. Answer or close the calls, play, pause or skip the music, reduce or increase the volume, all can happen by pressing a button or asking Siri to do it. As a result, excellent features are embedded in this mono earphone with a lightning connector. Great high-definition crispy sound comes with flexibility in control opportunity. 


  • MFi Licences Connector
  • Active in-Line Control
  • Compatible with All Apple Devices
  • High-Definition Crispy Sound


  • Connector: Lightning C100
  • Impedance: 16Ω
  • Sensitivity: 93dB ± 3dB at 1khz
  • Length: 1.2M