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iPad Floor Stand
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  • SKU: CHN155ACC00001

iPad Floor Stand

ر.ق 199.00
  • This tablet floor stand can be easily adjusted up to 56.3” high. Ideal for teachers, lecturers, photographers, for teaching, filming, presentation and more occasions.
  • Follow the steps in the installation manual,you can easily install or disassamble the stand,convenient to carry and saves space Offers ultra comfortability for watching movies,videos sitting on the couch or lying in the bed;more convenient to read music score when you are playing guitar or other musical instruments
  • Please take off the iPad case before using, the tablet holder need a little effort to tighten. Our friendly and reliable customer service will offer any help about your project.
  • This floor stand holder can be used at home in bedroom, kitchen; in office, studio; at school; on a party;just for anywhere you need it!