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Divoom Pixoo Sling Bag C
Divoom Pixoo Sling Bag C
Divoom Pixoo Sling Bag C
Divoom Pixoo Sling Bag C
Divoom Pixoo Sling Bag C
Divoom Pixoo Sling Bag C
Divoom Pixoo Sling Bag C
  • SKU: DIV155ACC00065

Divoom Pixoo Sling Bag C

ر.ق 320.00

DIY Pixel Art Creation

This app is a DIY pixel art creation and text editor with multiple drawing tools. It is available for iOS and Android with language support. It also features a massive online gallery and community.

Over 1.5 millions users has join and share their
creations on the Divoom pixel art community


Multiple Storages

This bag features easy access with a semi-open main compartment, allowing convenient storage. It also includes an accessory pocket for storing small items. The design is specifically created to accommodate the demands of daily city life.


Weather Resistant

Slingbag-C is equipped with a reflective exterior design that keeps your gear dry during rainy weather. It is weather resistant and provides rain protection. The bag is easy to maintain with a simple wipe of the dry fabric. It effectively safeguards your gear from harsh weather conditions. However, it is important to note that the bag should not be submerged in water or machine washed. Additionally, avoid applying force on the LED panel.


Classic Mini Games

With the mobile APP, you can enjoy several
built-in mini games on your Slingbag-C


Fashion Icon

Slingbag-C combines a minimalist and compact design, making it a subtle yet stylish companion for daily life. Its unisex design appeals to a wide range of users. The bag stands out with its unique animated LED panel, adding an eye-catching element. It is both compact and stylish, making it an ideal choice for everyday use.



This sling bag is meticulously crafted with a strong emphasis on detail. The quality of the zip, strap, and buckle is exceptional, ensuring durability and reliability. The zip is smooth and sturdy, guaranteeing easy and secure access to your belongings. The strap is adjustable and comfortable, allowing for a custom fit.